Drawer Troubleshooting


Drawer intermittently shorts out during check in/out , causes system to freeze or hang - dealer refuses to or has already performed basic troubleshooting with phone support:


1. Check / Replace flex cable (you can check by jiggling the flex cable while drawer is open - if system freezes or errors appear, it's likely the cable or connection to Motherboard/Daughtboard) If drawer is recognized but will not open in app:

2. Check to ensure red light is on at back of drawer(s). Ensure ac cord at adapter is firmly seated at the transformer and into the power strip Use manual override key to open drawer. Check flex cable for signs of wear or damage Check connections to latch, wiring may have been damaged or has worn out at connection. Check cable at db and at mid point where cable joins from latch to extension cable. Solnoid may be shot in latch.

Notes: Drawer won't open if there is no power to drawer. Power supply is designed only to engage the latch. Wiggle power supply cables (black if main, grey if pass thru) Ensure 4 pin adapter is properly inserted (2 pins closer together towards outside edge 2 pins farther apart toward inside by fuse holder) Main power supply (black) can feed max 3 drawers with use of 2 pass thru power cables.

Tip: To test for faulty latch or ext cable: follow procedure to remove drawer from main drawer housing and set it aside. reconnect mb to flex cable connect new latch directly to db reconnect flex cable to mb without replacing drawer cavity Restart the pc with power cable and usb cable connected and hold micro switch on new latch down gently with finger login as user with key access ( or ensure you created yourself as user with key access) Select drawer you are testing within the software, if latch engages then install new latch in drawer. (If after replacing latch it doesn't work again, you will need to replace the ext cable to the db).

If new latch still doesn't solve the problem:
1. Replace flex cable - retest

2. Replace db - retest

3. Replace MB, call for registration - retest

4. Replace drawer.


Closed and locked drawer not recognized as closed in software:

micro switch is damaged on latch (check if repairable or replace latch) cotter pin assembly at back of drawer needs adjustment or may be damaged (pull drawer forward and back to see if software sees drawer as closed - may need adjustment) If adjustment is required, ensure manual override keys are in back of drawer, over adjusting can cause latch to stick when trying to open in software and manual override key will be required to open the drawer) flex cable is shorting out when drawer is closed Daughterboard/Motherboard may have been subject to spike and damaged circuits on board(s) (In rare cases, the connections on the back plate of the drawer are damaged, if so, drawer would need to be replaced or a new back plate would need to be ordered. Newer drawers have a usb cable that attaches to a female jack attached to the back plate, this cable can be also be replaced if necessary.)


Note: Support customers will not have to pay for parts if it's determined it's normal wear but will have to pay for onsite support at the current hourly rate to cover cost of technician. We outsource our techs in Canada to keep monthly support costs as low as possible for our clients. Current cost of onsite support is $165 per hour.