1. Log in to System
  2. Choose [Record Maintenance]
  3. The first step will be ensuring the User Groups for the Users who desire Report emails are properly configured to allow for it. Choose [Group Maintenance] and select the neccessary groups. Ensure "View Reports" is checked off in the main tab then navigate to the [Reports] Tab to configure the level of access this user group should have to each standard report.
  4. Return to the Maintenance Menu and select [User Maintenance]
  5. To set up each User for Reporting highlight to select the user, choose [Edit] or double-click to select them.
  6. In the [General] Tab ensure the User's Email has been assigned to their profile.
  7. In the [Program Configuration] Tab ensure they are assigned to a User Group with Reporting enabled.
  8. in the [Report Email] Tab select which Reports the User would like to receive and with what Frequency they would like to receive them. The Reports will be generated at the time specified within the [System Configuration] settings.
  9. Once finished, [Close] out of the User Maintenance screen, Return to [Main] and [Log Off]