Setting up Web Management

Note: This will require full Windows Administrative Access to complete (Contact your IT if necessary)


  1. Run Internet Explorer 11 as an Administrator
  2. In the address bar, type in the IP address assigned to the Keyvault PC (Refer to your IT department or contact Support if you have trouble determining the Keyvault's IP)
  3. On the webpage, Select [Download Setup Program] and allow the program to run
  4. In the Pop-up Window, Select [Add]
  5. Enter the IP address of the Keyvault once again and give the shortcut a name
  6. Select [Install], this will place a shortcut on your desktop (If an administrator on the Network installs the shortcut with their account, it may need to be moved from the admin folder to the user's desktop) that will take you to the Web Management page
  7. Close IE11 and locate the shortcut on your desktop, launch the web page via the shortcut, it should bring up Web Management in IE11, if it loads in another browser you may want to alter the settings so it opens with IE11 to ensure proper functionality
  8. Navigate to the Tools Icon in the upper right, click the gear to bring up the Menu
  9. Select [Compatability View Settings]
  10. The Web Page will populate in the upper field, Select [Add], Web Management will now load in compatability view
  11. Navigate to Settings and Select [Internet Options]
  12. Navigate to the Security tab and ensure the website has been added to the list of Trusted Sites, if not do so, then Select [Custom Level]
  13. Scroll down and enable the following, (Download Signed Activex controls) - (Download Unsigned Activex controls) - (Initialize and script Activex controls marked not safe for scripting)
  14. Close IE11 and launch the shortcut once again, you are now ready to use Web Management!