Create User

  1. Log in to System (Administrator Access Required)
  2. Select [Record Maintenance]
  3. Select [User Maintenance]
  4. Select [Add]
  5. In the first Tab (User Information) Fill out all required Data
  6. Navigate to the Second Tab (Program Configuration) and have the user choose and confirm a password
  7. Select [Enroll Fingerprint] and have the user firmly place their desired finger on the Fingerprint Reader 4 times, then Select [Save]
  8. Set a Key limit for the user if desired, if the value is set to zero the User may take out an unlimited number of keys
  9. Assign a User Group to the User, this will determine the User's Permissions and System Access
  10. Navigate to (Report Email) and select the which reports the user would like to have emailed to them on a Monthly/Weekly or Daily basis, note that any Reports their User Group does not have Access to will not send.
  11. Select [Save]