Issue: The system loads to login screen with no drawers:


  1. Check each drawer by first disconnecting the USB from each Drawer, then attaching drawer(s) one by one until the system stalls.
  2. Once known drawer that prevents the system from loading into app is detected, Manually open the drawer with override key and check the contents (Note: Software has to be rebooted each time another drawer is connected). Key Vault only has to be rebooted if you can't get into system access menu. If access menu is available by selecting admin-exit once logged in, user can plug in drawer and select "Run KeyVault" rather than rebooting system.

    User can check contents for issues as specified above. User may have to remove all tags from that drawer and try to restart app with no tags in drawer, Check for obvious signs of any issues with relation to tagging and fallen debris and damaged cabling.