Cdn Support Coverage for KR/KV on support clients:

Telephone support 6 to 6 PM PT with emergency after hours support New systems are covered by 90 day manufacturer warranty from date of delivery or installation Key tags / zap straps and crimp tools are not covered unless doa.

All components are covered by support for 3 years (**under normal wear) After 3 years only the PC and the drawers are covered under support (**under normal wear) Tag readers and rs232 adapter are also covered under support (**under normal wear) The following are not covered after 3 years: Keyboard/mouse/monitor/printers. Fingerprint reader/drawer power supplies

Notes: Dealer MAY be charged for: cost of damage to MB or clips underneath on board due to use of worn tags or forcing tags out of board- D-plate damage to clips or other hardware by falling behind drawer and underneath MB

Normal wear is considered to be a system that is properly maintained under support guidelines:

-backups are maintained to cd or usb/mapped network drive -cabling is within recommended distances from PC -worn key tags are replaced before damage is done to main board in drawer or tag reader -PC and drawers are protected from moisture damage: moisture from wet tags or d-plates - spilled beverage will damage circuit boards in PC and/or drawers and is not considered normal wear -drawer is always 6" away from back wall to avoid damage to cabling at back of drawer (either by use of included rubber feet under drawer or something to block it from sliding back against wall.) -manual override keys are available for servicing / access to drawers in the event of a power failure or system crash. (if locksmith is required to open drawer or lock has to be drilled - it's not covered) -foreign objects such as coins, paperclips or other metal objects stuck in or under main board of pc or drawer causing damage not covered.

Non support clients are charged for telephone support and onsite support at $225 per hour plus cost of parts at MSRP. A technician would need to be dispatched to estimate cost of repair before proceeding with repairs in most cases. Lisa in accounting may need to be contacted to ensure proper billing information is available for dealer.

Linux/Comkey systems:

In most cases, worn com keys are the cause of drawer shorts. Channels also may be worn and are still available. If any circuit boards in the drawer are shorted, we can no longer get replacement boards, the dealer would need to replace the drawer based upon availability @ current $ plus freight Com keys are no longer available (as of 2010) and these systems as a result are no longer supported. Linux servers can be upgraded to 5.68 (2005 build) and used with new usb drawers, however it would advised to replace the entire system as the Linux PC's are also no longer readily available from the manufacturer and most that are returned to cdn support are not repairable - this may lead to significant downtime. Most of these systems would be over 10 years old and rode hard!!