When it comes to tracking your dealership’s keys and assets, KeyTrak is the answer. Improving upon feedback from dealers they've worked with, KeyTrak is able to provide and enhance time-tested key and asset management systems that help you track vehicle keys, manage work orders and increase employee accountability. Below are just a few benefits of KeyTrak within the automotive sector


Increased Efficiency

KeyTrak’s software increases efficiency and profitability by offering advanced key control and auditing features, in-depth reporting and an easy-to-navigate user interface


DMS Integration

KeyTrak directly integrates with several dealership management systems, including the following:

  • CDK Global
  • Dealertrack
  • Reynolds and Reynolds ERA® and POWER®
  • Autosoft
  • Auto/Mate

Multiple ─ System Networking

With KeyTrak, you can connect your key management systems to track activity throughout the dealership. Through every step of the sale — from the time inventory is delivered to the lot to the time it’s delivered to the customer — you can monitor the location of every vehicle within your possession. Networking systems limits human error, as it reduces the need to double-enter data on the same vehicles. It also cuts down on keys that go missing when moving between departments.


Full Inventory Control

KeyTrak's extensive reporting capabilities allow you to easily keep track of all checked-out keys, giving you a better picture of activity within your dealership and providing you with peace of mind.

Email reports let you track all day-to-day system changes, and you can use the custom reporting tool to generate unique reports at an interval of your choosing.


Easy Data Collection

With KeyTrak's specialized systems, you can quickly capture a prospect’s contact information. You can then use the record to track what type of vehicle the prospect is seeking, what they were shown, where they heard about you and much more. Next, import the data into the built-in letter generator to automatically create a customized follow-up letter with a standardized format, reducing data entry time.

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