Sale Control

Sale Control

Welcome to the “Advent” of increased profitability!

Sale Control System is our flagship Desking and F&I solution that handles both leasing and purchase calculations quickly and accurately. This system helps you choose the financing scenario that works best for you and your customer by quickly calculating leasing or financing terms, down payments, warranties, insurance, after market, taxes, add-ons, trade-ins, and payoffs. Sale Control also offers a vehicle roll feature that automatically retrieves the vehicle from your inventory that you can roll at a specific payment.

Sale Control is completely integrated with our Inventory Control module, so that any available inventory is can be presented to the customer at the time the deal is being worked. In addition, Sale Control is integrated with your legacy DMS system, automatically checking G/L balances to see if there are any open ROs or POs on the vehicle you are working that may affect the ultimate profitability of your deal.

Supercharge your Desking and F&I activities!

The following add-on modules are available with Sale Control that will supercharge you Desking and F&I activities without adding manual work for your sales team.

Advent Fast Lease

The Fast Lease module uploads all current rate and residual tiers and programs from all of your captive and non-captive lending institutions each night so that the data is always current. Fast Lease will automatically “tier” your deal – giving you the rates and residuals, leasing rules, max advance information, multiple security deposit scenarios, and acquisition fee rate adjustments on the particular lease program and the customer’s credit score.

Advent Super Desk

Advent Super Desk takes the data from Fast Lease, enabling you to present multiple options to your client. Super Desk presents the information in table form, so you can quickly determine the program or finance source that makes the most sense for your customer, while maximizing your overall profitability. In addition, Super Desk allows you to sort the data by multiple variables such as front-end or back-end gross, drive-off, monthly payment, or total profit. The information is the presented side by side making it easy for you to find the option that will win the customers business without sacrificing your profit potential.

Advent Multi-Payment

The Advent Multi-Payment module is a detailed financing and customer presentation tool that presents up to 25 payment options at a time. Simply enter the customers’ down payment and desired payment terms, and Multi-Payment presents the cash sale price and up to 12 retail and 12 lease scenarios- depending on the desired transaction. Multi-Payment generates a legitimate appearing, professional quote that steers the customer away from sales price and toward payment. The key benefit to you: holding the maximum gross profit and reserve in the deal while eliminating the uncomfortable haggling over sales price.

Advent Fast Menu

This dynamic, electronic menu selling tool enables a professional, customizable finance presentation that saves time and increases profitability. In addition, you can use Advent Fast Menu to cover yourself legally through the disclosure its capabilities.

Advent Document Scanning Solution (ADSS)

The ADSS is an administration-free Document Scanning Solution. The user simply prints a key page from the transaction which contains a barcode, basic transaction data and description and inserts it as page one in the document stack and hits one button, Send to Advent. The duplex scanner scans both sides of the document package in a single pass, optically scanning the data and building an encrypted electronic packet that is securely stored as a PDF file in the transaction record. The documents are able to be recalled anytime directly from the deal record and the content of the package can be searched for specific language or pages. The Advent Document Scanning Solution will streamline document management while reducing your imaging costs.

CoreLogic Credco Direct access to Experian®, Equifax® & TransUnion

Advent Resources and CoreLogic Credco are pleased to offer your dealership convenient, single-source access to credit reports – directly through Advent’s High Performance Sales System. Seamless integration means you can conveniently order all three bureaus from a single source, and receive credit information in multiple format options.

How you (and your customer) benefit!

Profitability. Sale Control can work all aspects of the deal quickly and easily improving performance of your sales desk and maximizing profitability of the dealership.

Efficiency. Advent can free up time so that your sales team can work more deals and F&I can focus on selling additional products.

Higher CSI. Get the paperwork done right the first time. Less waiting time means higher customer satisfaction.

Integration. Sale Control is integrated with each tool in the Advent High Performance Sales System, eliminating data entry. Focus on selling, not process.

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