Inventory Control

Welcome to the “Advent” of better inventory performance!

Inventory Control is an automated vehicle stock and reconciliation tool that provides tighter inventory accountability and accuracy at your dealership. Once a vehicle is stocked, Inventory Control generates a barcode for the unit so that from the time of vehicle delivery to the time the unit is sold, you know its exact location on your lot, greatly reducing the time it takes to do a physical inventory, and eliminating “human error.”

For many manufacturers, Inventory Control provides full DCS integration, automatically stocking your vehicle at the time of purchase. The benefit to you is that the vehicle is immediately recognized as part of your inventory, and you can sell and trade vehicles even before they hit the ground at your dealership!

How does it work?

Once a vehicle- new or used- enters your lot, Inventory Control assigns a stock number, and makes the unit immediately available for sale. And if the vehicle needs to spend some time in service, Inventory Control keeps track of the real time costs by continually scanning your DMS for G/L balance, open ROs, and open POs so you always know the absolute cost of the vehicle, maximizing your gross profit potential.

In addition, the Laser Barcode System provides automatic reconciliation of the vehicles in your inventory and will issue an exception report if a vehicle is missing or a vehicle on your lot is not in inventory.

How you benefit!

Integration. Inventory Control is tightly integrated with the Sale Control and Prospect Control modules so that data entered in one module is immediately propagated throughout the Advent system, eliminating dual entry of data and saving you time and data entry errors.

Efficiency. Reduce the time it takes to stock vehicles and conduct a physical inventory. Inventory Control automatically reconciles your inventory in real-time, freeing you to concentrate on turning your inventory more quickly.

Accountability. Inventory Control will tell you exactly what you have in inventory at all times, holding your employees accountable.

Profitability. Inventory Control keeps track of vehicle age and flooring costs so you can move those older vehicles more quickly, maximizing your profit potential on each unit.

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