Integrated Solutions

Welcome to the “Advent” of seamless integration!

Advent Resources provides seamless integration to many third-party vendors, eliminating the need to re-enter deal, customer, and vehicle information throughout the sales and funding process. Our integrated solutions enable you to:

• Exchange credit application, decision information, contract validation, and econtracting with your captive and non captive sources in real-time, simplifying and improving the credit and funding process.
• Advent electronically transfers transaction information into leading e-contracting solutions.
• Exchange current rates, financing and decision information with lending partners.
• Exchange information with insurance partners, simplifying and improving the insurance process.
• F&I Express integration simplifies the point-of-sale aftermarket process by submitting relevant deal information electronically to the third party vendors.
• Submit vehicle data for used car valuation and analytics.
• Automate the transfer of registration information between your dealership and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What is Integration?


n. The state of combination or the process of combining into completeness and harmony.

This is how the American Heritage Dictionary defines “integration.” Advent Resources defines integration as the “seamless transfer of information between the Advent High Performance Sales System and the countless partners in the industry, ensuring consistency and accuracy of deal  information in one integrated solution.”

Integrated Partners

Advent Resources has developed integrated partnerships with a wide variety of vendors covering the broad spectrum of the sales process. The following is a list of partners to date:

Finance and Lease Submission
•Route One
•Credit Union Direct Lending
•Volkswagen Credit Corporation
•BMW Financial Services (coming in 2010)
•Mercedes Benz Financial

DMS Integrations
•ADP                      •Dealertrack DMS
•PBS                      •Jarvis
•Dealerbuilt            •R&R

Telephone Integrated Vendors
•Who’s Calling
•Call Source

Factory Communication
•Toyota        •Honda        •Dodge
•Nissan        •Smart         •Lincoln
•Ford           •Infiniti         •Mercury
•Volvo         •BMW           •Chevy
•Acura         •GM             •GMC
•Chrysler     •Audi            •Cadillac
•Mini           •Jeep            •Lexus
•Scion         •Maserati      •MB
•Porsche      •Rolls-Royce  •VW

Department of Motor Vehicle Integrated Solutions

Insurance and Aftermarket Product Integrations
•F and I Express
•Carousel Insurance Services
•Cartel Insurance Services

How you (and your customer) benefit!

Accuracy. Eliminate data entry mistakes by not having to re-enter information,

CSI Scores. Create faster, error-free sales, insurance, registrations, and financing process for your customers.

Productivity. Streamline the credit application, warranty, insurance, and financing processes.

Profitability. Eliminate wasted time spent re-keying customer data, giving you team more time to maximize the profitability of every deal.

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