CRM Control

Welcome to the “Advent” of better customer relationships!

CRM Control offers a powerful Web-based tool to help you better manage your prospects throughout the sales process. Often times, the most difficult task of implementing a CRM is enforcing its use by your sales staff. Advent enables you and your management to closely audit your sales staff’s usage of the software, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

From inquiry to close- and at every touch point with the customer, whether they came from the Web, a phone call, the showroom, or your service lane- Advent delivers the technology, systems, and process support you need to capture, control, and convert prospects to customers.

Advent CRM Control

In the automotive retail world, minimizing the cost of attracting and retaining customers is one of the keys to profitability. The costs associated with finding new customers means that every customer contact should be maximized, to ensure the greatest impact throughout the process. The more opportunities that a customer has to conduct business with your dealership the better, and one way of achieving this is by capturing and integrating leads through the various sales channels: Internet, phone, and showroom ups. And the more channels you have, the greater the need to automate the interaction with your customer base.
Advent CRM has separate control modules to make sure no opportunity is overlooked. Built in the system are the following:

• Prospect Control

• Opportunity Control

• Internet Control

• Retention Control

• Service Control

Advent CRM utilizes event driven activity to maximize the quality and quantity of customer touch-points, dealership workflow, and employee efficiency.

How does it work?

CRM Control replaces sticky notes, paper desk calendars, and fallible human memory with an automated, result-driven system that makes interactions with prospects and customers more time friendly, more personal, and ultimately, more profitable.
Advent captures data on your customers from first touch, and creates a complete client profile. Data can come from multiple sources including:

• Scanned from a driver’s license;

• Inbound phone leads;

• Outbound telephony/call tracking integration;

• Internet lead sources;

• Manual entry;

• Management work plans and the desk log;

• Pulled from service transaction records.

The system takes the prospect profiles created and generates a daily work plan for each sales person that includes a list of their daily activities- from follow-up calls, e-mails, and letters to scheduled appointments. It also generates reports to help management closely monitor the activities planned for their team. Advent also generates work plans for other roles in the store to help them plan and execute their days more efficiently.  F&I Managers can have follow-up upsell calls scheduled to coincide with factory warrantys expiring, and managers can have follow-up calls to inquire with lost customers to try and save a deal. Follow-up isn’t just time driven- it’s results driven. Your staff is prompted to make the right contact at the right time, using phone scripts, letters, and e-mails that are customized for your dealership and personalized for each customer and sales cycle. Follow-up is customizable, so you can choose to reach out to customers based on schedules unique to your dealership.

Advent even includes a sophisticated campaign tool that automates the process of sending out e-mail and letter campaigns, along with generating lists and scripts for phone-based campaigns, farming your database by whatever parameters you wish.

How you benefit!

Integration. CRM Control is tightly integrated with Sale Control, Inventory Control, and you DMS service data, so information entered in one module is immediately propagated throughout the Advent system, eliminating dual entry of data and saving you time and eliminating entry errors.

Productivity. Because it automates so many tasks, CRM Control can help any member of your staff to be more productive- no matter how long they’ve worked for you or how much experience they have in automotive retailing. What’s more, your sales staff won’t be keeping their own address books, so turnover won’t affect your ability to contact customers. And you’ll be able to effectively manage and evaluate your sales staff’s contact activity because they’re all using the same contact processes and schedules.

Accuracy. Your staff can quickly and easily capture showroom ups by scanning a customer’s driver’s license, eliminating data entry errors. Internet and phone based leads are automatically parsed and entered into customer profiles, again eliminating human error.

Profitability. Prospect Control accurately tracks all prospects and customers, enabling timely and informed follow-up on all leads, turning more prospects into buyers.

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