High Performance Sales System (HPSS)

In today’s competitive retail automotive industry, dealers require immediate access to multiple pieces of information to maximize their overall profit potential. From prospect management, customer relationship management, and customer retention to desking the right deal for the customer, each step of the customer management process is vital to the success of any dealership operation.

Other major challenges faced by today’s dealerships include asset management, accounting and financial calculations, management reporting, and data connectivity. Advent Resources has addressed all these critical needs for over 20 years, and has become a leader in the development of high quality, integrated retail automotive software solutions for today’s dealership operations.

Welcome to the “Advent” of increased profitability!

Imagine having to go to only one vendor for all of your front-end software automation needs. Now you can with the Advent High Performance Sales System. This tightly integrated software solution automates the entire process of selling a vehicle — from prospect identification through customer relationship management and inventory control. Advent Resources, Inc. was formed in 1988 specifically to develop front-end software systems for automobile dealerships. Today, Advent has hundreds of dealership clients across the US and Canada using our software. From prospect management to sales control, inventory management, and your back accounting and service systems, Advent focuses on building software solutions for the way you work. Let us take you for a test drive today.

Software for the way you work!

The Advent High Performance Sales System was developed BY dealership personnel FOR dealerships — so it is designed for the way you work, not the way one of your vendors thinks you should work. Our system is comprised of several distinct modules, each tightly integrated with the next so that dealership personnel only need enter data once, making it immediately available and accessible to all the other modules. And each tool has a common user interface — reducing the learning curve, maximizing produc­tivity, and ultimately the profitability in your dealership.

Sale Control

Sale Control enables your sales managers to do both retail and lease calculations, side by side, to work the best deal for your clients while holding the maximum gross profit in the deal. Add-on modules allow you to compare side-by-side deals from multiple banks, automatically tier your deals, or work up to 24 deals on one screen based on your customer’s payment terms and down payment, all while keeping the vehicle price out of the equation. Sale Control’s Vehicle Roll feature automatically retrieves the best vehicle from your inventory that you can roll to a specific payment within optimal max advance, vehicle aging, and gross profit parameters.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control tracks every piece of information on an individual vehicle from the day it arrives until the day it is sold. And it is tightly integrated with the Sale Control and Prospect Control modules so that vehicle information can be recalled from anywhere within the system. Inventory Control is also integrated with your parts and service DMS so that you always know the total cost of the vehicle for sale. This is possible due to the fact that Inventory Control persistently scans your DMS and uploads G/L balance, any open or closed ROs, and open or closed POs so the actual cost of the vehicle is always known.

CRM Control

CRM Control provides full sales contact management and work plan functionality, in an easy to use Web-based tool. This system tracks leads — no matter where they came from, whether from the Internet, the telephone, showroom or your service drive. Once the leads are scanned and information is captured about each prospect, the system generates work plans for each sales person as well as other roles within the dealership. In addition, the tool includes sophisticated campaign management capabilities for sales and service customers, making it as easy as a click of a button to generate letters, emails, or lists to support a calling effort.

Additional Advent High Performance Tools

In addition to the modules noted, the Advent System integrates with many other industry leading software packages on the market today including several popular telephony-based lead systems, credit bureaus, insurance products, and leading DMSs. Advent firmly believes that the Dealer’s data is just that, the dealer’s data. There is no costly Server to purchase, Advent’s offering is web delivered via ASP. Our system is open architecture, offering the ability to integrate other vendors in an elegant, efficient fashion, for features outside our core competency.

How you benefit!

Integration. The Advent High Performance Sales System is comprised of several distinct modules, each tightly integrated with the next so that dealership personnel only need enter data once, making it immediately available and accessible to all other software modules.

Productivity. Because our system automates so many tasks, each member of your staff can be more productive — no matter how long they’ve worked for you or how much experience they have in automotive retailing.

Accuracy. Our system automates many of the traditional, manual data entry processes so that your staff can quickly and accurately capture prospect, sales, and inventory information, eliminating human data entry errors.

Profitability. Our system enhances the performance of your staff at every step — before, during, and after the sales process — increasing the opportunity for profitability.

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