Aftermarket Administrators and Providers

If you are an administrator and you want to move to an electronic based contracting process, you need to ask yourself the following questions to ensure you have the right strategy:

  • Will the process that I choose ultimately provide the dealer easy access to multiple administrators?
  • Will the dealer/F&I Manager be required to click to multiple administrator proprietary web sites and/or do redundant data entry for every aftermarket product they sell?
  • Are the benefits to you as the administrator greater than the total costs of moving to eContracting?
  • The calculation of total costs should include:
    • Internal costs of your own web based contracting system or the costs from a third party.
    • Data integration costs from the dealers DMS.
    • Transaction costs for being a part of any common platform like F&I Express.
  • Finally, is moving to e-contracting a project for you as an administrator or a strategy?

If you are looking at e-contracting as an interesting project versus a strategic direction as a company, then you need to examine if it is the correct decision. F&I Express is building a uniform industry solution to assist in achieving 100% e-contracting. Intersection Technologies is constantly developing new and stronger integration relationships with progressive aftermarket administrators, North American auto dealers, and dealer management systems. The benefits for administrators are that F&I Express:

  • Eliminates the printing of forms.
  • Eliminates the distribution costs of forms and allows for real time “pull and replacement” of forms.
  • Eliminates data entry.
  • Reduces error rate of contracts to be processed.
  • Allows for Administrator/Agent to know when a dealer sells a product to a customer – real time.
  • Allows Administrator/Agent to minimize losses by having transparency into dealer receivables.
  • Has the ability for online payment remittance.
  • Robust real time customized reporting.
  • Enhances dealer and end consumer CSI.

Download the F&I Express Brochure.

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