Key Vault

KeyVault is one of the most advanced key control systems available today. Designed to give dealerships the ability to maintain accountability of keys at all times, we combine extensive reporting features with the latest software to create verifiable audit trails and a level of key control that is unmatched.

The KeyVault Solution is a versatile key security system. The system offers networking options and is capable of securing key tags.

By utilizing touch screen monitors and biometric fingerprint readers, KeyVault gives users unparalleled security and quick system access.

KeyVault’s real-time reports and web-management capabilities make it ideal for dealerships looking to improve accountability and reduce vehicle theft and unnecessary re-keying costs.

KeyVault provides numerous features with the scalability to connect multiple machines. The KeyVault software is specific to the sales and service department within your dealership. Whether the system is being used for a sales representative trying to pull a key for a hot demo or a service representative moving cars, KeyVault is easy to use.

To learn more about The KeyVault Solution, open our video link below or contact us @ 1-888-802-4141. Thank you for visiting us at NADA this year!

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