Key Logix Support


A Maintenance Agreement can be very beneficial in keeping your Key Register system running at peak effectiveness. You will find that a Maintenance Agreement is the most economical decision for the continued support and management of your Key Register investment.

Hardware Benefits
A Key Register Maintenance Agreement covers all of the main physical Key Register components, including the PC, Monitor, and Key Register Drawers. A maintenance Agreement provides both technical and hardware support and priority placement of Key Register system components when necessary.

Software Benefits
Periodically Key Register releases new versions of software containing updates and enhancements to the Key Register Product. With the Maintenance Agreement, you can receive these software enhancements when you they become available at your request.

Support Benefits

Whether you have training questions, procedural questions or other technical support issues, our qualified Support Technicians are always available to help.

Maintenance Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited toll-free software support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Priority placement of your Key Register equipment
  • Software updates and enhancements

Interested in Obtaining a Support Agreement? Simply Fill contact us here.

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