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The Key Register system is a tool for automotive dealerships with a need to manage and track keys and the people who use them. The Key Register software is designed to accurately track:

  • Vehicle keys
  • Prospects
  • Personnel
  • Vehicle locations

The system provides the ability to run reports based on daily usage of the Key Register System.

How Does Key Register Work?

Your keys are secured and tracked by attaching them to key tags that are stored inside the Key Register Drawer.  Users gain access to the system by one or a combination of the following options:

  • User Fob Login
  • User Name and Password
  • Biometric Fingerprint Reader
Get Organized

With the Key Register System it is easy to keep track of your inventory. Not only can you increase speed and efficiency, but provide security for your inventory. Control is key to keeping your business as effective and productive as possible.

  • Locate inventory in seconds
  • Safely store your inventory
  • Know who has your inventory
  • Know where your inventory is located

KeyLogix Products

Key Register System

The Key Register System is a versatile key security system.  The system offers networking options and is capable of securing up to 240 keys per drawer.

The Key Register standard package includes:

  • PC/ LCD monitor/ Mouse/ Keyboard
  • Biometrics Fingerprint Reader
  • 25 Login Key Fobs
  • Standard Electronic Drawer
  • Key Register Software
  • 240 Lighted Keytags / 300 Zap Straps
  • Keytag Reader

Additional options that may be purchased:

Security Cam
  • Increase security when accessing keys
  • Provide immediate employee accountability
  • Ultra secure inventory management
Key Register Inventory Scanning System
  • Reduce the time it takes to update inventory
  • Increase productivity by knowing the exact location of each vehicle
  • Detailed inventory reporting
Barcode Scanner
  • Attach barcode labels to all vehicle keys using the printed stickers
Dealer Plate Keytags
  • Keep Dealer Plates secure inside the drawer
Driver’s License Scanner
  • Prospect information is quickly obtained by simply scanning the prospect’s license.
Remote Reader
  • Instantly locate vehicles
  • Effectively track vehicle progress
  • Service Activity tracking
Remote access capabilities
(to system activity and security cam files)

Additional Features

Additional security features can be defined to provide an even greater level of security. A Security Cam is available to record individuals using the Key Register system throughout their  session. Other features include:

  • Drawer lockout by user
  • System access alerts
  • Remote access capability to monitor system activity and Security Cam files
  • Detailed Dealer Reports

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