FAQ: Sales Control

Q  How do I recall a deal stored in the system?
  1. Select 'Change a deal' from the Sale Control Transaction Selections menu.
  2. Deals may be recalled by:
    • Deal Number
    • Customer Number
    • Last Name
    • Other ID
    • Stock Number: Last 8 or VIN or all 17 of VIN
  3. Key in the appropriate recall value and press <Enter>.
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  How do I calculate a retail payment in Advent?
  1. Go to the Sale Control main menu.
  2. Press <1 - Create a Deal>.
  3. Enter the stock number of the vehicle being sold.
  4. Enter the prospect or customer number of the customer.
  5. Select the appropriate bank from the expand list under 'M'.
  6. Key in the residual value, rate and term.
  7. Payment will be disclosed in the payment field labelled 'P'.
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  How do I change a deal from a retail to a lease?
  1. Select sale type 2 under the 'Q' fast deal neon disclosure item.
  2. Select the appropriate bank from the expand list under 'M'.
  3. Key in the residual value, rate and term.
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  How do I change the vehicle being sold in a retail or a lease?
  1. Select <F3 - Dataview> while in the deal screen.
  2. Choose the display option for vehicles or choose vehicle search item 'B'.
  3. Select the unit from the displayed list.
  4. Pressing the insert key will place the selected vehicle in the deal.
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  How do I sell an additional item (add) in the deal?
  1. Select <F2 - Additional Functions> while in the deal screen.
  2. Choose <5 - Accessory Adds> from the displayed list.
  3. Choose <1 - Create>.
  4. Select from the displayed expand table or hand key information for the add including sale amount, cost amount and residual amount if applicable.
  5. Press <F9 - Exit/Save> and the deal will recalculate and display the correctly adjusted amounts to the user.
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  How do I roll a payment?
  1. Key the desired payment into the fast deal box.
  2. Press the neon prefix letter 'P'. The system lists the options available to roll including:
    • Selling Price
    • Warranty
    • Cash deposit
    • Trade
    • Trade 2
    • Finance Rate
    • Finance Term
  3. Select the desired target value.
  4. The deal will recalculate to the desired payment target.
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  How do I print a contract and other paperwork for a deal?
  1. Select <F2 - Additional Functions> while in the deal screen.
  2. Select <3 - Print Documents>.
  3. Document menus are specific to sale type, ie 'retail menu' for retail deals, 'lease menu' for lease deals, etc...
  4. Select the items to be printed and either key them one at a time into the print documents selection box, or key in multiple documents in a comma separated list.
  5. Feed the documents into the contract printer in the same order as you selected them.
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  How do I quickly recall a deal I worked earlier in the day?
  1. Select <F11> while in the deal screen.
  2. The fast stack function will display the last 18 deals worked by any user.
  3. Highlight the deal you wish to display and press <Enter> to recall and edit.
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  How do I use Super Desk?
  1. Super Desk is embedded in Sale Control.
  2. Simply press the <Page Down> key in any deal and the first five lease banks will be displayed.
  3. Each user can select options for display. For example, 1 retail bank and 4 lease banks, or 5 lease banks with a set priority, or 5 lease banks with highest gross lowest payment sorting.
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  How do I stock a trade into the system?
  1. Key the dollar amounts in the trade 1 field, the payoff field and the ACV field.
  2. Press the fast deal key 'B' and assign a stock number.
  3. Key in additional required information into the vehicle stock card.
  4. When the deal is RS'ed or marked as sold, the trade will automatically be added to the used car inventory with a status of trade not cleared.
  5. Once title work and prep is complete on the trade, the status needs to be changed to R and it is then available for sale.
  6. Wholesale units would be marked as wholesale and would be sold and processed as such.
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  How do I process a wholesale transaction?
  1. Enter the vehicle and customer information in the deal.
  2. Enter the agreed sale price with a term of 1 for 1 pay.
  3. Key the deal control number, RS #, or your own control number into the RS field, field prefix 'J'.
  4. Vehicle is sold and removed from inventory.
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  How do I run a credit bureau or submit a credit application to a bank?
  1. In any deal screen, press <F2 - Additional Functions>.
  2. Select <1 - Quick Credit>.
  3. Select the bureau you wish to run, or select the banks you wish to submit to, and press <F10> to submit the request.
  4. Credit bureau and application submission will be electronically attached to the deal record and can be viewed and/or printed at any time.

  How do I mark a unit as sold?
  1. Key the RS number or dealer defined control number into the RS field (fast deal 'J').
  2. This takes the unit out of inventory and prepares an archived copy of the deal which can be recalled at any time in the future in display mode for review.
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  How do I see disclosure on various deal components such as payment or sale price?
  1. Most of the fast deal keys have disclosure screens behind them.
  2. To view, simply type the neon colored fast deal letter/symbol and this will open a disclosure box to view. For example, typing 'P' shows payment disclosure, typing 'A' shows customer disclosure, typing 'Z' shows vehicle disclosure, typing 'S' shows sale price disclosure, and so on.
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  How do I apply a memo to a deal record or vehicle record?
  1. While in the record you wish to apply the memo to, simply press <F4 - Memo>.
  2. Press <Enter>.
  3. Enter your unalterable information into the memo field and then press <F9 - Exit/Save> to save the information and exit the memo screen.
  4. The memo will be the first thing seen when that record is accessed for any reason. The user has to touch any key to exit the memo and view the record.
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  How do I print sales reports?
  1. From the Sale Control menu, select <6 - Report Deals>.
  2. Press <F10> to toggle output of the report to the screen if you wish to preview the report before you print it. Pressing <F10> again will set output back to your selected printer.
  3. Type in the number corresponding to the report you wish to print.
  4. Enter any required configuration information.
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  How do I turn on the FastDeal prompt?
  1. FastDeal is toggled on and off by pressing the <F12> key.
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  How do I make an add non-taxable?
  1. In the taxable accessory screen tab over to the "T" column, type "Y" for yes or "N" for no.
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  How do I enter additional warranty info such as expiration mileage and months?
  1. While in the deal go to the Warranty Cap field and press <F1>. Press <C> if using FastDeal.
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  How do I enter cobuyer information?
  1. Pressing <F10> while in the customer's profile toggles the screen between the customer and the cobuyer information.
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  How do I run muliple credit bureaus on a single customer?
  1. To run simultaneous multiple credit bureaus on a single customer, simply list the number of the credit bureau company as you normally would, but separate each company number by a comma. (e.g 1,2,3)
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  How do I print multiple forms without having to select each, one-at-a-time?
  1. Instead of inputting a single document menu number as you normally would, list the menu numbers, separating them by a comma. (e.g. 201,304,506)
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  How do I change the sales tax rate on a single deal?
  1. Use your arrow keys to get down to the state tax field.
  2. Press <F1> Expand.
  3. Enter in the new sales tax rate.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Press <F9> to save information.
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  What are the three numbers in the lower right of my deal screen?
  1. Starting from the left they are vehicle invoice, MSRP, and commissionable gross profit.
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  How do I enter a stock number with a letter in FastDeal?
There are two options:
  1. Press Z and enter the stock number into its field. or:
  2. Before you type the letter hit the "/" key, then the letter. The "/" key must be used before every letter. When done press Z
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  How do I add a field to my custom deal screen?
  1. Go into sale control.
  2. Go to 9 (Custom Screen).
  3. Put the deal type into the field and the name of the custom screen into its field.
  4. To add a field you go to an open space, press <F1> expand, and select the field you want to add. Put the letter in and press enter.
  5. Hit <F9> to get out of the screen.

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