Automotive Solutions

In today’s competitive retail automotive industry, dealers require immediate access to information to manage and maximize their profit potential. Prospect management, customer relationship management and customer retention are all vital components of any dealership operation. Other major challenges include asset management, management reporting, accounting calculations, contract printing utilities, finance company calculation routines, data connectivity and also key management inventory control.  Advent Resources  Canada has addressed all these critical needs over the past 23 years, and today is a leader in the development of high quality, cutting-edge retail automotive software solutions.

Rapid Growth

Advent Resources, Inc. was formed in 1988 specifically to develop dealership point-of-sale software systems. These systems focus on inventory management, lead tracking, lease and finance calculation and contract preparation and submission, as well as submission of specific information to manufacturers and finance sources. Today, Advent supports more than 300 dealerships and enjoys a market share of greater than 15 percent in Southern California, its home market.

Quality Software Products

Advent’s High Performance Sales System is a user-friendly, high quality Intel server-based system for automobile dealerships. It is integrated  to two of the major DMS legacy system providers accounting applications and databases, and boasts the following features:

• Vehicle Inventory Management • Sales Management

• Vehicle Laser Bar Code Inventory Management • Showroom Management

• Prospect and Customer Relationship Management • Sales Communications

• Palm hand-held • “Pocket CRM” for Sales Team Use

• Production Mail Handling • Finance Calculations

• Daily Vehicle Rental Control • Lease Calculations

• Forms Management • F&I

• Integration to Dealer Business Management Systems • Management Reporting

Accounting and Databases (ADP & R&R)

• Integration to Manufacturer Credit Companies • Inbound and Outbound Email Handling & Tracking

• National Integration to Dealer Track Canada (Curomax) • Windows Network File and Print Sharing

• Integration to MS Word • Key Register Key Control Systems Integration

• Business Development Center Management Application

• Key management control systems

Corporate Organization

Advent Resources, Inc. is a Subchapter C-Corporation organized under the laws of California. The company is located in San Pedro, Calif., across from Ports o Call Village, a popular tourist destination. Advent employs more than 50 highly trained specialists dedicated to producing quality products and outstanding customer service. Clients, which include some of the largest dealerships in the country, are located throughout the United States and Canada, extending from Honolulu to New York City.

Additional Partnerships

Advent Resources has formed strategic alliances with a number of highly respected companies that are considered leaders in their fields. Their products have been integrated into the Advent High Performance Sales System, enabling dealerships to have easy access to such important tools as RouteOne, DealerTrack, STAR, J.D. Power and Associates and CVR. more..

A Steadfast Commitment

Advent Resources, Inc. has developed and cultivated an outstanding array of automotive-related products, and takes pride in delivering exceptional support and service for an increasing number of clients in North America. Indeed, the company’s efforts have generated numerous sentiments of satisfaction and encouragement from its loyal clientele. Advent intends to accelerate its growth by continuing to offer high value computing solutions for niche markets. Management challenges itself and its employees to constantly seek innovative technology that translates into extraordinary value to its customers.

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